Welcome to Undying Steam!

This campaign is going to use Play by Post for the first stage. If you are interested, message me or email me. We will be using Google+ as our primary method for the game, which should make things pretty interesting pretty quickly. As a DM, I am dedicated to putting in at least an hour a week on updating this wiki site, as well as several (for now we’ll say 5) hours of actual “Game” time, plus prep time (of course). I don’t expect that from players, but I wanted you to know I’m committed.

This campaign will be in introduction to the world, including some of the nasty surprises it holds, from Machinists and Arcane Specialists to disease, economic manipulation, and reincarnation. Please don’t come into this expecting a “standard” D&D game, as the ability to roleplay (using your writing) will be just as important as the dice, if not more so. I hope you enjoy the game in spite of the craziness and so forth. Thanks!

If you have questions, comments, or ideas, please feel free to message and/or email me.

Here’s the wiki.