Amira is a planet very similar to Earth.

It is slightly larger, with an average diameter of about 14,000 Km.
It is slightly less oblique, with an Axial Tilt of only 17 Degrees.
Due to the two moons, the tides are significantly more erratic than earths, and eclipses are slightly more common occurrences. Alignment of the moons is considered an ill omen.
In most other ways, Amira functions similarly to Earth.

The two moons are Lunis Majoris and Luna Minoris, colloquially known as the Moon and the Guardian. According to legend, the Moon has always been a part of the heavens, while the Guardian joined her in the sky after the epic God’s War finally concluded. The Guardian has rings of frozen ice and metal, along with a satellite of her own. These occasionally line up together in such a way as to appear as if the moon has a sword in front of her, as if to protect Amira from the Old Gods. During these rare events, contests of martial prowess, magical mastery and invention are held across the land, culminating in great feasts and chaotic parties.

Amira is made up of three extremely large continents, with a variety of smaller islands and mini-continents scattered across the vast oceans, which account for rough 60% of the surface. These continents are Answar, the Northern Continent; Nadigh, the Southern Continent; and Ascarya, the Eastern Continent. The Nine Nations are primarily focused on Answar and Nadigh, with only one on Ascarya and one scattered across a massive island chain.

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