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The Play by Post Game

Welcome to the rules for the Play by Post Game. I have removed any and all references to the other version, but if you catch one that I missed, let me know so I can remove it, too. Therefore, create a new character, per below. Also, if you would like to contribute to the world, please feel free to send me an email. Much of the sandbox is still untouched sand, so there is a lot of room in this world for others to contribute ideas and suggestions. You should also take a look at the rough Game Mechanics when you get a chance.

Creating a new character

Build a Level 1 Character. Send me your character concept once you have it fleshed out. Standard Tech, No guns. Any Magic, Psionic, Martial, Divine, etc. is ok. Pathfinder is only ok if the class isn’t offered in 3.5 or I specifically say otherwise to you. Race is also fairly open, and multi-class rules are more in line with Pathfinder (Your favored class gives you +1 hp OR +1 skill point for each level taken, and no XP penalty is suffered for multi-classing.)


This is on a first-claim basis, and at this point the following options have been taken:


Any alignment is ok, but no matter what you pick you should only tell your DM, not the entire world.

Ability Scores

To roll your ability scores, go here:

This link gets you to the page. Once there, all you have to do is change YOUR email (not mine) and the Subject (To your character’s name). This generates 2 sets of dice (1-6 and 7-12). Pick one set to use for your character, which you can then apply as desired across the 6 scores.

Character Connections

Once I start receiving characters from players, I’m going to start introducing them to the group. If there are parts of your character you don’t want me to share, you need to let me know. Also, you will be required to forge pre-existing connections with at least, bare minimum, three other characters in the game. These can be anything from siblings to gambling buddies to business partners, but these should be deep and important relationships, not casual relationships that draw no emotion. If that means you need to build mutual back story to justify why you are friends, then you should do it.

Other Details

Hit Points should be max for the first die. Gold should be assigned as normal for your class.

The World, or Amira

This section includes all the information about the 9 Nations as well as the basic information about the world in general, including the Calendar, politics, and which taverns are the best.

The Gods

Here you will find the information about The Gods and their religions, including the Origin Story, the Mythology, the Domains, and of course, some limited information about the Evil Gods.


Part of building a character includes posting both bios and stats on Obsidian Portal. Please give yourself a subsection and links to your characters here.


Important NPC’s will be listed here. Don’t worry about catching spoilers, I will make sure to only post information that is either not relevant, you already know, or simply builds the character without revealing long term plot lines.

Unfinished Ideas

This section is about ideas that I’m working on but haven’t finished details. If you have ideas, suggestions, or whatever, send me an email.
Magical Specialists
Family Trees

Longterm Goals

The stated goals of this Play by Post are as follows:

  1. Have Fun
  2. Develop the World more fully
  3. Show the technological evolution from Medieval to Renaissance
  4. Have Fun

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