The Gods

The First Ones

The Great Mother

Unknown Shadow

The Children and their Consorts

Samudrin, the Sea Father

His consort, Svarmina, the Rogue Mistress

Vana, Tree Brother

His consort, Yatreya, the Goddess of Freedom and Adventure

Lohania, Forge Sister

Her consort, Raktan, the Lord of Blood

The Young Gods

Samudrin’s Children

Sairab, the God of Wine and Spirits

Xander, the God of Storms

Ravi, the God of the Sun and Love

Vana’s Children

Jaduugu, the God of Magic

Sharia, the Water Woman and Goddess of Civilization

Navarra, the God of Animals

Lohania’a Children

Mathai, the God of the Mind

Janghest, the God of War

Khira, the Goddess of Beauty

The Other Gods

Saint Rufus, the God of Justice

Walter, the Great Horned Cult

The Gods

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